Monkey love.

Since I started this blog to brag about my skills, I wanted to give you an update on Chuckles. We had the office baby shower for my coworker. Keep in mind that a lot of my coworkers saw me knitting in the lunchroom nearly every day, but had not seen the finished product. When she pulled the monkey out, everyone said, “Awwwwwww.” Until they heard that I made it. Then there were half a dozen people shrieking “YOUMADETHIS?OHMYGOSH, ICAN’TBELIEVEYOUMADETHIS?HOWDIDYOUMAKETHIS?” It was exactly what my ego needed: some stroking, plain and simple. 🙂 A couple of the women offered to pay me to make a monkey, and I just might take them up on it…..but all in all, I did what I set out to do: totally impress everyone. Um, I mean, make a nice toy for the baby.



Tiny, tiny balls.

I have frogged all but one of my old blanket squares. And I have discovered something: it blows. Totally and thoroughly. See these hunks o’ yarn:

Looks like a lot, huh?

Grr. I mean, seriously: grrr.