I heart squares.

My blanket is going very well. I’m very glad I used the included “coloring sheet” to plan out how the colors would work together. I had to go through a couple of drafts because my goal was not to have any of the four colors touching. Once I figured that out, I tucked in and got to work. What I really like about this pattern is that I can choose which squares to work on – this means that if I want to accomplish something in an evening, I work on a smaller square. I never have time to grow bored with one of the colors because it takes me only an evening or two to get through even a larger section.

I was a little nervous about the turquoise – it’s Suri Merino while the other three are the Alpaca Wool. The merino is an eensy bit thinner than the others, so I knit up a square (essentially, a swatch) to see how close I would be. And HELLO! it worked. Do you understand that this NEVER happens to me? I was prepared to be upset – the color was perfect, so I just knew something would happen to throw a wrench in my plan. When I started laying out the blanket, it matched the pattern. So YAY ME.

I know this sounds crazy, but I think that I might actually finish this project. And after carrying around my lovely orange yarn for more than a year, I’m stoked. STOKED. Plus, the pieces are so crazy soft, I can’t wait to cuddle up with it. My main squeeze is excited because he can actually cover up with it – all of our throws are too short for him. Now. If only I could knit all the livelong day. That would be spectacular.



Million dollar blanket.

I need to go to the yarn store. Again. And buy more orange yarn. (And turquoise, cream and brown). Again. I love my blanket, but perhaps my choice of yarns was a little rash. When I’m finished (in 12 or so years), I’m going to hand it to my boys and say, “Happy graduation. You can’t go to college because Mama spent it all on this lovely blanket.”


PS. It *IS* lovely…I pieced together 5 of the 7 1/2 squares and I am so, so, SO excited to finish it. And snuggle in it. It will probably be 100 degrees outside, but I will happily sweat to enjoy it.

POF – pile o’ frog.

I’ve been avoiding something for awhile now:

This big pile of froggin’ for me to do. What you see is the evidence of one of my many failed attempts to do something with orange yarn. SOMETHING. I found a pattern that called for knitting up equal squares and piecing them together. Except these are clearly NOT squares and, well, let’s just say that even in that sea of orange I can pick out the rough patches. Yikes. So now I have to decidedly NOT knit and frog all of these squares. Or maybe I can ignore them and continue to knit with the little bit that I still have. Or buy more! Or just freakin’ frog the suckers already…sigh…



My blanket is coming along nicely. I finished a monster square yesterday (finally!) so I took the time to lay out the seven I’ve done to see how it’s going to fit together:

(I know you’re counting – all 7 aren’t here because they don’t fit into this side of the pattern). I also know I didn’t choose the best background, but I was losing my natural light. So back off, people! You’re being kind of critical.

I am totally digging the color scheme. It looks like my orange yarn has found a permanent home.


Anotha one down.

I finished the washcloth Saturday morning at about 2 am. While watching Something to Talk About. Yes, I just wrote that last sentence.

Don’t you remember this movie? Truly awful and spectacular at the same time. Julia Roberts, Dennis Quaid, Kyra Sedgwick? Julia had weird mom hair and Robert Duvall is her overbearing, stable-owning father? I watched the entire thing. And remembered how much I LOVED this movie. Loved it.

Back to my project. Here’s Mr. King of the Jungle

We haven’t tried the little guy out, but I plan on using it to scrub down the boys tomorrow. I am curious how the embroidery will hold up. I love the fact that it also has an i-cord loop to hang up so the washcloth can dry.

The next time I make one of these I’m going to add some whiskers. His face doesn’t look as lion-like as I would have hoped. I do like the size – casting on 42 instead of 22 worked out well. And once I got over the weird knit, loop, slip, slip of the pattern, it went pretty quickly. And I made something that I actually kept. Shocking, I know.



I made a lot of progress on the washcloth over the weekend. The boys played with Play*Doh for about an hour. I heart Play*Doh. Not just because of its squishy goodness, but because they are actually engaged for more than 27 seconds. I sat at the table and worked on Mister Lion:

The loops take a loooooooooooong time. Long time. To create them, you have to knit the same stitch twice, create a loop, make a new stitch and pull the loops over the new stitches you created. Are you exhausted yet? Because I am.


This g-d washcloth. Now with monkey tease!

See this picture? Doesn’t the washcloth look great so far? Aren’t the loops perfect? The color, so nice?

Yeah! This is the picture I took right before I frogged it. Three times. Two because I wasn’t creating the loops right and they’d unravel when I’d get to the wrong side (never a good idea to skip 2 solid lines of instructions). Speaking of not reading directions…do you remember doing the activity in grade school where your teacher would say 15 times, “Be sure you read ALL of the directions first?” And you’d meticulously go through each step of the directions and create some lame-ass picture and be so proud you read EVERY SINGLE DIRECTION CAREFULLY AND COMPLETELY…until you got to the end where it said, “Don’t do any of steps X – X.” So you were supposed to¬† turn in a blank sheet of paper? Remember those? I f-ing hated those. Maybe because THEY GOT ME EVERY TIME.

I frogged the washcloth the third time because after I’d knit 6 rows, I realized the washcloth would be perfect…if my children were the size of Barbie dolls. Seriously. I am going to tell you now – I hate to swatch. Knit 16 rows so I can MEASURE IT? Are you kidding? Of courses, I’ve knit about 30 so far and am now on row 2 of my fourth attempt, so….so whatever. I’m not swatching until I have to.

I ended up doubling the cast-on from 24 to 48. I think it’s going to be the perfect size for scrubba-dubbing in the tub with the boys.


PS. Here’s some monkey tease.

He’s not looking at the camera because he’s shy. AND HE HAS NO EYES! He’s one scary mo’ fo’ right now. Maybe tomorrow I will drag my happy ass to the store for some buttons. Or maybe my coworker’s baby will like a monkey with no eyes. I’m sure that will cause absolutely no damage to the child. (Hey, look at me! Damaging OTHER people’s children for once!)

PPS. My oldest, The Dude, wants a monkey now. So we’re going to pick out some yarn….