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I heart squares.

My blanket is going very well. I’m very glad I used the included “coloring sheet” to plan out how the colors would work together. I had to go through a couple of drafts because my goal was not to have any of the four colors touching. Once I figured that out, I tucked in and got to work. What I really like about this pattern is that I can choose which squares to work on – this means that if I want to accomplish something in an evening, I work on a smaller square. I never have time to grow bored with one of the colors because it takes me only an evening or two to get through even a larger section.

I was a little nervous about the turquoise – it’s Suri Merino while the other three are the Alpaca Wool. The merino is an eensy bit thinner than the others, so I knit up a square (essentially, a swatch) to see how close I would be. And HELLO! it worked. Do you understand that this NEVER happens to me? I was prepared to be upset – the color was perfect, so I just knew something would happen to throw a wrench in my plan. When I started laying out the blanket, it matched the pattern. So YAY ME.

I know this sounds crazy, but I think that I might actually finish this project. And after carrying around my lovely orange yarn for more than a year, I’m stoked. STOKED. Plus, the pieces are so crazy soft, I can’t wait to cuddle up with it. My main squeeze is excited because he can actually cover up with it – all of our throws are too short for him. Now. If only I could knit all the livelong day. That would be spectacular.


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