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You messed up. So who cares?

I make mistakes all the time in my knitting. All. The. Time. Purling when I should have knit, losing track of the number of rows…There are people out there that might lose their shit over this. I am not one of them.

I read on another blog or in a knitting book to just “knit through it.” I love this concept. If you make a mistake that will not be noticed by anyone but yourself, knit through it. Make some adjustments in the next few rows. Just keep moving. Those little flaws will be seen by no one. In fact, most people will still marvel at your skillzzz. They don’t care if you have a tiny little hole where you did a yarn over when you weren’t supposed to or there’s a purl bump in your stockinette. Only you see it and pick at it, stress about it…so just let it go, Grasshopper. It is an insignificant thing.

On the flip side of knitting through something, I think it takes awhile to be confident enough in your knitting to frog it back to fix a mistake. PURPOSELY drop a stitch to fix something you missed a few rows before. I remember the first time I did this – I was slightly terrified of dropping the stitch and ruining hours upon hours of work. Then I realized that it was JUST KNITTING. Just knitting. And almost everything could be fixed, even if it meant starting from scratch.

I think I need to apply these two concepts to my life a little more often. I have a tendency to stress over small mistakes made, particularly at work, to the point of obsessiveness. I disagreed with my boss today and felt like it wasn’t received well (I wasn’t disrespectful, we just disagreed). I replayed the moment over and over and over again…by the end of the day I felt pretty confident I would be fired. Because I disagreed that all sentences in web copy should be short. Because that is a thing to be fired over. Um, I’m thinking I just need to knit through it…you know, it was a little bump. We disagreed. The reality is that I am the only one participant that remembered or cared about that conversation even 20 minutes after it was over. My boss saw it as a difference of opinion. But *I* have to get to the point where I realize that these are tiny things – that my contributions to my company far outweigh anything else. And that hopefully people are more dazzled by rights than grumbling about my wrongs.

Or maybe I get fired tomorrow over sentence length. Eh, at least I’ll have more time to knit. And holy crap, watch Beverly Hills, 9010 (Soap Net! Every day!)


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