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Want to touch my monkey?

You know you want to….

Sewed the eyes on this little beee-yotch tonight. He looks spectacular. The boys both want one, so looks like I’m going to be working on some more monkeys.

He turned out pretty well. I had to improvise sewing up his hiney, because the pattern wasn’t too specific about it. It also took more than one skein of yarn for me. I went with 5/8 buttons, too, instead of 3/4 buttons. No reason…I just liked ’em that way.

I’m still trying to decide if he needs a scarf. I’m not sure it’s worth the extra effort, but we’ll see. I’m thinking about ordering some monkey wrapping paper for him. I’d like to cover a box with this wrapping paper. I think is funky and fun…plus my coworker says she has a thing for monkeys. Well really. who doesn’t?


PS – If you don’t recognize Dieter from SNL up there, well, you probably just shouldn’t be here. That’s how I like to think of Mike Meyers…pre-Shrek, pre guru of love or whatever the hell that schlock is that he’s in right now…c’mon Mike! You’re better than that!

Edited: I fiddled a bit with the pictures. The lighting was pretty poor when I took these…

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