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This g-d washcloth. Now with monkey tease!

See this picture? Doesn’t the washcloth look great so far? Aren’t the loops perfect? The color, so nice?

Yeah! This is the picture I took right before I frogged it. Three times. Two because I wasn’t creating the loops right and they’d unravel when I’d get to the wrong side (never a good idea to skip 2 solid lines of instructions). Speaking of not reading directions…do you remember doing the activity in grade school where your teacher would say 15 times, “Be sure you read ALL of the directions first?” And you’d meticulously go through each step of the directions and create some lame-ass picture and be so proud you read EVERY SINGLE DIRECTION CAREFULLY AND COMPLETELY…until you got to the end where it said, “Don’t do any of steps X – X.” So you were supposed to  turn in a blank sheet of paper? Remember those? I f-ing hated those. Maybe because THEY GOT ME EVERY TIME.

I frogged the washcloth the third time because after I’d knit 6 rows, I realized the washcloth would be perfect…if my children were the size of Barbie dolls. Seriously. I am going to tell you now – I hate to swatch. Knit 16 rows so I can MEASURE IT? Are you kidding? Of courses, I’ve knit about 30 so far and am now on row 2 of my fourth attempt, so….so whatever. I’m not swatching until I have to.

I ended up doubling the cast-on from 24 to 48. I think it’s going to be the perfect size for scrubba-dubbing in the tub with the boys.


PS. Here’s some monkey tease.

He’s not looking at the camera because he’s shy. AND HE HAS NO EYES! He’s one scary mo’ fo’ right now. Maybe tomorrow I will drag my happy ass to the store for some buttons. Or maybe my coworker’s baby will like a monkey with no eyes. I’m sure that will cause absolutely no damage to the child. (Hey, look at me! Damaging OTHER people’s children for once!)

PPS. My oldest, The Dude, wants a monkey now. So we’re going to pick out some yarn….

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