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Cool squared.

I’ve been looking for a throw pattern to make so I can have a nice afghan for our basement. We redid the basement in the last year or so. The walls are an aqua/bluish/greenish color, with one wall and the bathroom painted burnt orange. The decor (or what I’m going for) is modern/contemporary and I wanted to create something that was unique and crazy cool. You know, like me.

I bought this yarn from my LYS more than a year ago.

I love this yarn so much. It’s the perfect orangey red color and it’s alpaca wool – super soft. The problem? I have frogged the beginnings of three separate blankets. Every time I think I’ve hit on the perfect pattern, I get going and hate it. That is why I heart Ravelry. I found a thread on one of its forums asking for obscure patterns, and I found this:

I love these people! They are mathematical, so the patterns aren’t made like traditional patterns, and the completed afghans are a demonstration of a mathematical concept. From their page on Ravelry:

“The design represents a discovery that can be found in many maths textbooks – it is the smallest number of different size squares that a larger square can be split into.”

So, not only is it a kick-ass design, but it’s totally geeky cool. Love it, love it, love it! I’m going to use the orange with maybe a bluish turquoise, cream and chocolate brown. I don’t know, though. I just don’t know!!! I’m so excited to go yarn shopping I’m about to bust.


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  1. I just love the purple it is gorgeous!

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