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Stockinette is boring. Fo’ sho’.

While working on Chuckles the Monkey, I have noticed that row after row of stockinette = boring. To ease the pain, I’ve tried to work on techniques to increase my knitting speed. I don’t *really* care about this, but it would be nice to crank out my projects a little faster. The gratification would come a little more quickly. (Plus, I have about 792 projects queued up in Ravelry.)

I am an English method knitter – I “throw” the yarn around the needles. This is perfectly acceptable, except I would like to increase my speed. Continental knitting, or picking, seems to be faster, but trying to purl with that method makes me tear my hair out. (For an overview and some great videos, I use KnittingHelp.com).

When I was on the Ravelry forums, I found another method that I thought was interesting. It’s called Irish Cottage Knitting and I think it might be the way to go for me. She’s still “throwing”, but the steps are converging…there’s no other way to describe it – you just have to see the video. (I tried embedding but WordPress won’t let me).
So I’m practicing. Maybe I’ll be as fast as this chick someday:



One Response

  1. But with stockinette, you can multi-task! You could watch a movie, you could chat with your SNB buddies, you could bowl a few frames – all without worrying about messing up your pattern!

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