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One little monkey jumpin’ on the bed.

So close to being finished with the monkey. I finished the body (finally!) and head.

The smaller parts knit up much more quickly.

My youngest, Giant Baby, decided to “help” me with my monkey shots. Here’s where the ear is supposed to go:

Monkey is not pleased.

His mouth looks kind of fierce here…and not in the Christian Siriano kind of way. He looks fierce in an “I’m going to bite you” kind of way. When I was overcasting the two muzzle pieces together, I don’t think I pulled them tight enough – the overcast stitches are showing. And look like teeth! I think once I backstitch his mouth on there Chuckles will look a lot nicer. Either that, or his name will be ironic. Because I am a genius, people!

Chuckles is probably just pissed because he’s got one leg, no arms and no tail. And he’s in parts. And he has no stuffin’. Did I really think I was almost finished. Blergh.

I’m working on his second leg, and I’m pleased with how his first one came out:

Pretty shapely gam this guy has. He can probably wear skinny jeans and look fantastic in them. Bastard.


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