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You yike it? I yike it.

My youngest asks each one of us if we “yike” dinner. We are REQUIRED to answer in the affirmative. Yes, I yike it. We all yike it.

I finally received my invitation from Ravelry.com yesterday. And I really, really yike it. I yike it so much I nearly wept for joy. Ravelry is an online knitting/crocheting community that allows you to do a whole bunch o’ crap with your projects, stash, patterns, etc. I finally inventoried my needles and I’m going to inventory my stash tonight. You can “queue” your next projects (particularly helpful if you, like me, find spectacular free patterns online) and catalog your current and finished projects. As a member, you can also search patterns from other Ravelry members. I found one to put in my queue in the first 30 seconds I was online. Wooohooooo! Other fantastic features:

  • Automatically loads your blog posts via RSS feed.  Awesome.
  • Hosts a wiki for answering your knitting questions. Double Awesome.
  • Gives members opportunities to contribute/sell patterns and yarns. Triple Awesome. Or as I like to say, booyeah.

Because this is a beta site and is operated/managed by a small group of people, you have to sign up and wait to be invited so they can easily manage the numbers. It took me about two weeks to receive my invitation.

I’m sure it says a lot about me that 1. When I saw my invitation in my email inbox, I threw my fist triumphantly in the air and 2. I was super stoked to be creating an inventory of my knitting needles. I’m not really that person, am I? Does it help that the Captain was helping me?

Sigh….I didn’t think so.


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