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Best. Needles. EVAH.

The needles from KnitPicks changed my life. Changed it so that I want to knit all the time, every day. I carry my knitting with me like a little ol’ granny. My knitting has crept into and taken over my regular life now that I use these needles.

I started with a circular, then got this set for my birthday in December. Hello my lovelies:

For some reason, KnitPicks change the carrying case for their interchangeable needles. I like mine better because it looks like a personal organizer. The new one doesn’t look as good to me, but the needles are still worth it.

I also like that you can add pouches…which I need to do desperately to hold my other needles.

I have added several sets of KnitPick’s double pointed needles, too. (on a side note, I desperately need to find an organization system for these bad boys…they are taking over my life).

Let me break it down for you, my friend, why I’m in love with the Knit Picks nickel-plated aluminum needles. It boils down to the fact that I’m a very tight knitter. Therefore:

1. Wood/bamboo needles are too grabby.

2. I wear down the aluminum needles.

3. Don’t even talk to me about plastic. They feel weird in my hands.

The nickel plating is so smooth, and the point is just pointy enough. When I’m doing increases or decreases, I can really dig it in there and make it work. (Not to go all Tim Gunn on you there, but it’s true). I LOVE the interchangeable system, because a girl needs options. Options. Get it? The name of the system??? Wooo…I’m killing over here. I appreciate that I can start a project without having to go purchase yet another set of needles. I also find that I will use the DPNs or stick one of the Options “stoppers” on the circulars and use them instead of my aluminum straights…they don’t offer the needles in straights, and I’m a spoiled princess. So there.

I think their wood interchangeables look pretty cool, too. You know, if you’re into that sort of thing.


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