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A peck of patterns. Or a passel of patterns. Or just a bunch of patterns.

A coworker of mine is having a baby at the end of May. She loved the preemie hats, and by the way she was eyeballing them and her own swollen belly, I could tell she wanted one of her own. After looking at pattern after pattern of non-gender specific (or NGS) hats, I decided to go a different route.

I am making my first knitted toy. Let’s just let that rattle around our brains a bit. NEW STUFF TO KNIT! My coworker painted the baby’s room yellow and stenciled two huge, white trees on the wall. Very PBK – in fact, that’s where she got the inspiration. The valances are made of this cutie pie monkey print. See if you can guess what I’m going to make.

That’s right. I decided on a pig.

No, you douchebag, A MONKEY!!!

Because I have a problem, I needed it to be the perfect monkey. Sock monkeys are either loved or hated. I checked out Toy Knits by Debbie Bliss. Her monkey was a little too realistic. I scoured the internet and only found one likely candidate. This monkey was good…but the pattern was too vague and the picture tiny. How the hell are you supposed to figure out how to put these things together?

Finally, though, I settled on this little guy from YvonneKnits off of Etsy:

I’ve already named him Chuckles.


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