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Tiny, tiny hats.

Our very favorite couple, Dream Team St. Louis ed., had their beautiful daughter S. 10 weeks early. Previously, I had only made square or rectangle objects but I was stoked at the thought of making a hat. And BABY HATS! SO CUTE! I did a little interweb searching, and found a great site with free patterns for preemies.

I used my very favorite DPNs from KnitPicks* and some leftover yarn from a baby blanket made for this very same child. The first two I knitted up were a variation of the same hat.** So. freakin’. fun. The first was in seed stitch with a ribbed brim, and the second was in stockinette with a ribbed brim. Look at the top knot!

The blanket they are sitting on is from a Berocco pattern I found…I modified it a bit and used a seed stitch with doubled-up yarn because the edge kept rolling up on the mo’ fo’.

Because these went so well (and required so little yarn) I got adventurous and tried this pattern and this one.

The one on the left is a “petal” hat that lets nurses take down a side if needed for IV needles, monitoring devices, etc. It has a knit rose on the top:

LOOK AT THAT ROSE. Seriously, am I awesome or what? This little hat taught me three new techniques AND how to make a rose. OUT OF YARN, people. Out of yarn.

The other hat I made used a Lion Brand yarn pattern. Those pink dots on the green are supposed to be hearts.

So they look like blobs. Whatevs. It still makes your heart explode with joy looking at it. I’m glad I used 2 colors for the ball.*** Our friends’ little girl is going to have a ton of hats…and when I’m done, I’m going to knit some up and donate them to the NICU that is taking care of her…so I can feed my obsession, give to charity, and knit baby things! How much greater does it get than that??


*I’ll devote another post to my obsessive love of these needles.

**These patterns are for charity – don’t make ’em and sell ’em, folks.

***For my next party trick, I will list the yarns I use…I know that’s what the big girl knitting sites do, so I’ll copy.

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